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Chuck AdairJune 19, 2021All Church, Specials

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Passage: Colossians 3:21


Here is how we’ll look at this text today. We will direct our attention to the goal of Christian fathers, namely, rearing children who are not discouraged. Second, we will look at the duty of Christian fathers, namely, not to do those things that discourage children. And finally, we will focus on the leader in Christian parenthood; namely, fathers.

Sermon Questions
  1. What are your feelings about your Dad? Families are complex and often family dynamics are hard. What was the good and bad you learned from your father?
  2. The overarching guide for every father should be to live in such a way that his children can see what God the Father is like. They ought to see in their human father a reflection — albeit imperfect — of the heavenly Father. That’s a big deal. In what ways could Dads reflect what God is like?
  3. How can Dads discourage their children? Has your Dad discouraged you? If so, in what ways? If not, how has he encouraged you?
  4. Parents have a responsibility and are authority figures in the lives of their children. How do you encourage and not discourage your children?
  5. Discipline is a difficult concept in today’s world? How does God call you to discipline and correct your children and grandchildren? How does godly discipline bring security?
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