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April 2, 2023Specials

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Sermon Questions
  1. What does Palm Sunday mean to you? Why is it significant to our Christian faith?
  2. On Palm Sunday, the crowds love Jesus. When Jesus is before Pilate, the crowds cry crucify him. Why was the crowd so easily influenced to change their mind? Why are we so easily influenced to change our minds about Jesus?
  3. What does the last week of Jesus’ life teach us about God’s love for us? What does it tell you about Jesus?
  4. Jesus gives us a new commandment – “love one another as I have loved you” – and an example of a leader who serves. This radical example of service goes beyond what was necessary. How might I ‘wash the feet’ of others in the spirit of Jesus’ humility and compassion, even if it means making sacrifices or going beyond my comfort zone? What is the way of love Jesus has marked out for me, is calling me to?
  5. On Good Friday, we see Jesus suffering, rejected, ridiculed and desolate, deserted by his friends an denied by Peter. Out of love for me, to save me from sin and bring me to new life. Are there times/situations when I deny Jesus? Am I aware that he always forgives me and invites me to return and say “Lord, you know everything, you know that I love you!”?
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