Father's Day: Arrows in the Hands of a Mighty Warrior

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Chuck AdairJune 16, 2024All Church

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Passage: Psalms


A search of Scripture turns up one rather surprising truth: there are no exemplary families [that show us a father, mother, and children], portrayed in a way that evokes admiration. There are many family stories, there is considerable reference to family life, and there is sound counsel to guide the family, but not one model family is given for anyone to look up to in either awe or envy. The biblical material consistently portrays the family, not as a Norman Rockwell painting around a Thanksgiving turkey, but as a series of broken relationships in need of redemption.

Sermon Questions
  1. Describe your relationship with your father. What did he teach you?
  2. How have you or are you building God’s foundation into the fabric of your family’s life?
  3. Children should be considered blessings and not burdens. How are your children blessings to you?
  4. How have you “shot your kids into the world?” Would people consider you a mighty warrior?
  5. Our kids were given to us for the purpose of the mission. When we treat them less like arrows and more like accessories to our lives, we’re not only stunting their development but also discouraging them from finding God’s plan altogether.” How have you done that? Explain!
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