Remember: 75th Anniversary Celebration

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Chuck AdairMay 26, 2024All Church

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Have you ever considered how important remembering is to God? Depending on which Bible translation you use, the word remember shows up between 230 and 265 times, and the word forget appears between 60 and 75 times! God repeatedly asks His people to remember. When the Israelites were about to walk into their Promised Land and begin to build, they were first told never to forget.
Sermon Questions
  1. Why is memory so important? 
  2. What are some of your best memories? What are some of your hardest memories? How has God shown up in both?
  3. Paul said in Romans 15:4, “For whatever was written in former days was written for our instruction…” How does remembering what God has said in his word instruct you in the good and the hard of life?
  4. Walter Brueggemann has said, “The church is the community that gathers to remember.” What does that statement mean to you? Why should we remember the history of this local church?
  5. N. T. Wright has said, “When Jesus himself wanted to explain to his disciples what his forthcoming death was all about, he didn’t give them a theory, he gave them a meal.” When we share communion as a people, what are we remembering and what are we proclaiming? Why is that all so important?
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