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Life of David

Chuck AdairNovember 5, 2023All Church

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Passage: 1 Samuel


How tragic to spend a lifetime faithfully serving one allegiance only to become a traitor to it in the end. Today in 1 Samuel 25 you’re going to see David come this close to doing just that--to selling out the values he has championed up to this point.

Sermon Questions
  1. Describe a time that someone made you mad enough to forget how God would have you respond?
  2. “Who is David?” is a phrase that triggered David and in his anger nearly sinned. What phrase or words trigger you?
  3. Discerning friends can help save us from ourselves when we are about to act a fool. Who are your discerning friends? How have they helped you?
  4. We need the body of Christ. Everyone needs an Abigail. Who are the Abigail’s in your life?
  5. How have you tried to change without the power of God in your life? How did that go for you?
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