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Life of David

Chuck AdairMarch 17, 2024All Church

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Passage: 2 Samuel


I’d encourage you to consider what 3–4 things about God you would want to communicate to your kids, or to those in your circle of influence, when you die. You may not be a poet, but if your life were written as verse, so that others might know it, what would you teach them, so that they wouldn’t blow it?

Sermon Questions
  1. What life lessons would you tell your kids or those closest to you as your life was ending?
  2. God was David’s hope in everything.  How is he your hope?
  3. How is God your savior? Every other religion in the world is spelled “D-O.” Do. Do great things for God. Be a good father. Be honest. Be kind. Give money to the church. Do great things and he will accept you. The gospel—the gospel of David—is spelled “D-O-N-E.” Done. It’s a one-way promise that you simply receive. It’s not about what you do for God that he rewards you for; it’s about what God gives to you that you glorify him for. How does that statement make you feel?
  4. What has God restored in your life?
  5. The label over David’s life, the final verdict, is humble man of faith, blameless one, gracious man of God, and man of courage.  What is the new label that God has given you?
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