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Life of David

Chuck Adair & Jerry GonzalezSeptember 10, 2023All Church

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Passage: 1 Samuel


David’s story occurs at a time when Israel has begun to demand a King. Up until this point, you see, God had been their King, but Israel now wants a King like the other nations--a king who will give them a sense of national pride, a king who (they believe) will guarantee them prosperity and security. And that’s where David’s story connects to yours. Because, you see, we’re also searching for those 3 things: Identity, Security, Happiness.

Sermon Questions
  1. In your opinion, what is it that makes a person either happy or significant?
  2. It was stated that we are searching for three things… Identity, Security, Happiness. Where have you found your identity? Where do you find your security? Where do you find your happiness?
  3. Are any of the places that you are seeking those three things empty wells? Explain.
  4. Explain what it means to you to have an identity that is based in Christ.
  5. What are you seeking, and how are you seeking it? Are you seeking to establish your identity through the accomplishments of pride, or through the humility of faith? Explain.
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