Leadership Lessons from David

Life of David

Chuck AdairMarch 3, 2024All Church

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Like every leader, David was faced with oppositions. These oppositions came from friends, enemies, even family. The bible describes him as a man after God’s heart (Acts 13:22). There were men who loved and followed him even ready to lay down their lives for him if need be. There are so many leadership lessons we can learn from David.

Sermon Questions
  1. How do you respond when faced with opposition? How has God taught you in hard moments?
  2. How has your life been a journey? What has God been teaching you?
  3. Where has God called you to have courage? In your life? Your family?
  4. In times of trouble how have you drawn on God’s strength? Where else have you gone for comfort? How has that worked for you?
  5. How has God directed your life? Give concrete examples. How are you seeking God’s direction?
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