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Life of David

Chuck AdairNovember 26, 2023All Church

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Passage: 2 Samuel 6:1-23


Worship is a strangely controversial subject in churches. I get more “constructive criticism” on this subject than any other. Some people come to our church because they love the worship; others leave our church because they don’t like the worship. Strangely, the question of “Do I like the worship style?” is for some people the most decisive factor in where they choose to go to church--more important than belief system, preaching content, mission, or community.

Sermon Questions
  1. In your opinion, why is worship such a controversial topic? Why does worship style evoke such powerful emotion?
  2. Weirdly, worship style is a big deal even for those who don’t consider themselves Christians at all. I know lots of people here who were drawn to Christ through our worship. Why is worship a big deal to non-believers?
  3. Do you think Uzzah’s punishment is to severe? Why did God strike him dead when he was trying to keep the ark from hitting the ground? How does God’s holiness play into this discussion?
  4. In your opinion, why is worship our only response to a holy God?
  5. What does your worship tell others about the value of God to you? Do they see your joy in him? Can they see how valuable he is to you?
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