Freedom-The Greatest Chapter in the Bible


Chuck AdairMarch 13, 2022All Church

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Passage: Romans 8:1-11


The performance trap is thinking that you have to maintain a certain standard for God to accept or bless you. And if you fail to meet that standard God will punish you; maybe even send you to hell. Closely related to the performance trap is the pretending trap. That’s where you are always trying to act on the outside like you have everything together even when you don’t feel like it on the inside.

Sermon Questions
  1. What does it me to you to be free?
  2. THIS declaration of “no condemnation” applies to both your past and future sins. Do you believe that God can’t love you any more than he does right now? Explain.
  3. If Jesus’ death releases you from the penalty of sin; his resurrection life (through the Spirit) starts to release you from the power of sin. Explain that statement.
  4. What is the mindset of the flesh?
  5. Christianity, plain and simple, is surrender to a person—all of you to all of him. Have you done that? Why or why not?
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