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Chuck AdairJuly 24, 2022All Church

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Passage: Romans 16:1-27


One of God’s purposes for us in the gospel, as we’ve seen in Romans, is to bring separated peoples into unity. The gospel creates a unity that nothing else can. We see that today as we bring the book of Romans to a close.

Sermon Questions
  1. Why does scripture place such a premium on unity? Do you feel about it the same way?
  2. Having Jews & Gentiles together in one church gave rise to all kinds of cultural and political problems, which we’ve seen Paul deal within Romans.Wouldn’t it have been easier just to plant two separate congregations? Jews over here; Gentiles there? How would you have solved the problem?
  3. What is striking in this list of people in Romans 16 is how many people Paul felt personally connected to in this church. Who are you connected to in the church? Why are you connected?
  4. Most of these people on this list in Romans 16, we’ll never hear from again, but they had a huge impact on the spread of the gospel. What is the gospel impact you are having?
  5. How has the gospel transformed you?
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