Living On Mission


Chuck AdairJuly 17, 2022All Church

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Passage: Romans 15:14-33


In Romans 15, Paul pulls a lot of his themes in Romans together and shows you how the gospel enables you to live with purpose.

Sermon Questions
  1. If God were to ask you to give an account of your life’s work, what would you tell him? How do you think God would respond?
  2. Where does your life fit into the great story of God’s mission? In your opinion, what is the mission of God?
  3. Could you list what you believe to be your spiritual gifts? If not, why?
  4. The Holy Spirit shows up 59 times in the book of Acts with 36 times the Spirit is directly speaking. How do you depend on the Holy Spirit for guidance in your daily life?
  5. John Piper says when it comes to the Great Commission, there are only 3 options: Go, Send, or Disobey. Which category do you fit in and why?
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