The Spirit


Chuck AdairMarch 20, 2022All Church

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Passage: Romans 8:12-17


Is Romans 8 about the Spirit, or is it about assurance? Well, you’ll get closest to the truth when you put the two together: Assurance in the Christian life comes from intimacy with the Spirit.

Sermon Questions
  1. How do you know the Spirit of God is inside of you, testifying to you? What does that feel like?
  2. Do you believe that sin is a predator? Is Satan and sin after you? Explain.
  3. Led by God where? Is he talking about people who get messages from the Spirit spelled out in their Cheerios and Alphabet Soup each day?
  4. Are we truly looking for assurance from God? Is that what we really are looking forward to?
  5. If following Jesus leads you only to suffering in this life, is he worth it? Explain.
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