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Chuck AdairJuly 3, 2022All Church

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Passage: Romans 13:1-14


In chapter 12, Paul said that rather than taking vengeance into our own hands, we should leave it to God. One of the ways God executes vengeance is through government authorities. It’s not the ultimate way, and governments certainly get a lot wrong, but in one sense governments stand in for God and execute justice on his behalf. That’s what Paul says. Gov’t is his servant. (13:4).

Sermon Questions
  1. When you think of the word, “Government” what things come to your mind?
  2. What are you grateful for when you think of the government? What causes you anxiety when you think of the government?
  3. Why was the 1st century church and the government at odds with one another? In what way is the modern church at odds with the government? How are we to honor governmental authorities?
  4. What are you expecting from the government? How do you need to moderate your expectations?
  5. Caesar’s image may be stamped on our coins, but God’s image is stamped on you. And one day you are going to give an account to him. Are you going to be ready? Explain.
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