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Passage: Romans 12:3-8


After what God has done for us in the gospel, after what we has saved us from, how could we hold anything back from him? We should offer our lives without restriction to him, and we should do this as an act of worship, because in the gospel he has shown us that he is worthy of our complete trust and devotion. For the next 5 chapters, Paul paints a picture for us of what that kind of life looks like. And the first place he starts is with spiritual gifts.

Sermon Questions
  1. When you think of spiritual gifts, what comes to your mind?
  2. God gives every believer a role in the Kingdom. What role do you have as a faithful believer?
  3. Do you know your spiritual gifts? What do you think your top 3 spiritual gifts are?
  4. Think about your service for a moment? On a weekly basis, what are you doing to serve God?
  5. Do you feel a desperate need for God? Why or why not?
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