The Book of Romans - An Overview


Chuck Adair & Jerry GonzalezSeptember 18, 2021All Church

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Passage: Romans 1:16-17


Why did Paul write the letter? He wanted this divided church to become unified. He wanted the Roman church to be a staging ground for even further gospel spread as far west as Spain. These factors caused Paul to write his most systematic explanation of the gospel.

Sermon Questions
  1. What does the word justified mean? Why is that an important word for us to understand?
  2. In Romans 4, we are introduced to Abraham. Was Abraham saved by his actions or by justification through faith? Explain your answer.
  3. According to Romans 5-6, how has sin affected all of mankind? Should a person keep on sinning so that grace can continue? Explain your answer.
  4. According to Romans 9-10, does God have a plan for Israel? What is your understanding of that plan?
  5. According to Romans 12-16, how does service and love work together to fulfill the greatest command to love God and love man?
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