The Anatomy of Faith


Chuck AdairNovember 21, 2021All Church

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Passage: Romans 4:1-25


Paul is going to demonstrate that Abraham was justified by faith, and say that if he, the father of our faith, was justified by faith, we should be also.

Sermon Questions
  1. What does the word “faith” mean to you?
  2. Most religion works off of this premise: I obey, therefore I am accepted. God gives me acceptance as a kind of reward for my obedience. What is wrong with this premise? How does Abraham’s story in Romans 4 contradict this idea?
  3. How was Abraham saved? By faith. When? Before the law. if that is true, why do we work so hard to keep the law? What does the timing of Abraham’s saving faith mean for us?
  4. When we arrange our lives around the gospel, it is credited to us as righteousness. People in the OT were saved just like us. OT people looked forward to the cross; we look backwards at it. The direction is different, but the object is the same. Why should it give us comfort that we are saved by belief in the gospel?
  5. Faith is not a flawless life: Like Abraham, there will likely be lots of stumbles. Faith is not never stumbling; it’s getting back up and looking to Jesus to keep on keeping his promise when you do! Why should that statement give us hope?
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